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Black on paper

Stefania Chiaselotti

I'm Stefania Chiaselotti and I work with a publishing house as a graphic designer. For a few years I have dedicated myself to black on paper, to the creation of characters that arise exclusively from symbols, graphic signs, numbers and letters. The idea is in fact called Tipanera, baptized with a small booklet with drawings made on the computer and printed in black on white. White paper, black ink, printing on various papers, transparent resin for small jewels.

White paper or cardboard for very small, small or oversized prints: the sign is strictly black as ink.

But Tipanera goes beyond the typographical sign, in its decorative meaning, it becomes a drawing, it appropriates the paper, the wall and contextualises itself with the spaces. If Tipanera emerges from history, it does so with the sense of getting involved and becoming an 'atypical citizen' of places, objects and accessories. The characters multiply and lend themselves to invading spaces, to observe, acting as funny, ironic and different protagonists of small or large "stories".

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