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Lucca Biennale Cartasia - LUBICA - was first launched in 2004 from the union of art and historical memory. 

Since 1307, Lucca became the center of parchment paper production. In 1549 the first paper mill was founded which began a large-scale production. After the Second World War, it became, and stil isl, what is today the most important paper district in Europe.


LUBICA started its journey by exhibiting monumental sculptures made of paper and similar materials outdoors, challenging the natural decay of the material subjected to rain, wind, and human interaction. Over the years, research has led to the development of techniques through bold works and design objects, as well as innovative and diverse studies of the material in architecture.

LUBICA is recognized as a unique exhibition event in the world that, through paper and the values of culture, well-being, inclusion, and social sustainability, is committed to cultural and economic improvement.


Social sustainability

Promote actions aimed at preserving resources for a sustainable future on a social, environmental and cultural level.

Culture and Art

Encouraging active participation and stimulating reflection on the contemporary. Valuing creativity and cultural diversity.

Tradition and Innovation

enhance the historical memory of "making paper" as a source and stimulus for new ideas and for research and development on new uses of the material.

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