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Anita Cerpelloni

Paper Project Venice – Architect

My love for paper was born together with the love for drawing and painting, since I was little.

Make origami animals, look for suitable papers and during various trips purchase handmade or industrial papers. In 1992 I made my first trip to China and purchased some rice paper stocks, one white and one yellow with little golden pieces inside, of which I still have a few pieces and keep them for special jobs. I then started folding papers according to geometric patterns to make three-dimensional shapes. I love transforming old books and recycling them into new forms, and it led me to make one from which five glass sculptures were produced with lost wax castings, exhibited at the Murano Glass Museum and then in other places, the last one in Milan , at the Fabbrica del Vapore in September 2022.

I like feeling the surfaces of different papers. Finally, I learned from a paper maker how to make handmade paper, with natural insertions of leaves and flowers. The world of cards is a beautiful world!

I make folded cards and join them to make lampshades with parchment paper.

You can find my works on the Instagram page or on the website

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