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Paper and sustainability

Giovanna Bittante

My name is Giovanna Bittante and I am a jewelery designer . I trained in Italy and now live in Spain, where I create and shape my ideas.

In 2006 I began to experiment with everyday materials to combine with the noble materials typical of goldsmithing to create jewellery. So it was that, almost by chance, I started using paper, painting it and working on the surface to give it a "stone effect". The doors were opened for exhibitions and fashion shows thanks to the originality of the combination.

I was so enthusiastic about paper that I have been creating with different types of paper from different countries for many years now. Each piece is unique and tells a story to convey emotions, not just of a visual nature: a sort of wearable object between art and feeling. Continuous creation has allowed me to be part of the GK Green Fashion catalog of the Spanish Basque Country with other "sustainable fashion" designers: each, with their technique and style, works to become increasingly certified on sustainability, eco- design and the circular economy.

The concept of contemporary jewelery focuses on the importance of using alternative materials to gold, silver or natural stones. This means that paper becomes the indisputable protagonist of unique and exclusive jewels.

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