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Wearable origami

Cinzia Verni

Paper is everyone's altar, the laborious purity bent to the fingers of days.

Paper is the original material that manifests rare and wise words, it is the endless fabric that I sew onto my thoughts, to ironic exuberance, to wise and silent poetry. The geometric shapes of these dresses are the result of research that has been growing for almost thirty years. It is precisely in this vision that the " Wearable Origami " exhibition was born.

Origami, from the Japanese ori-gami (folding paper), represent in their construction made of rigorous folds, almost a religious symbol, in an eternal life cycle which, respecting traditions, always remains alive.

Wearable Origami will be open to visitors from 26 to 28 May in the beautiful setting of Villa Fidelia in Spello, during the Rose Days.

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