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The Theme 2024: “Here and Now: Tomorrow”.

Everything in this contemporary fast-paced world is ephemeral, instantaneous: People often rush through the present, acting on the here and now without thinking about the consequences or considering the future. Artistic expression is a bridge to the future, aimed precisely at tomorrow, at the infinite ways that the human mind has to travel, beyond its own boundaries, to imagine, discover and build new worlds.


However, living in the present, in the here and now is a fundamental aspect of our existence. This here and now is all we truly have to experience life, to grow, feel deeply, love, and find joy. We can get caught up in routines and forget this. We chase the clock - the "ego's time," the “linear time”, the "material time." The outside world - society, obligations, social media - are constantly pulling our attention away from the here and now and towards another time dimension, some kind of future. Basically, we're so busy looking ahead that we forget to truly live in the moment.

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