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Fear has always played an important role: guiding individuals on a small scale and shaping the history of mankind on a larger scale. With fear, humans understand or recognize their own limits, choosing whether to challenge them, overcome them, or be overwhelmed by them. Sometimes fear compromises the experience of new emotions, while other times it becomes an instinct for survival. Can fear be synonymous with preservation as well as growth? Of limitation as well as development? How much can fear develop critical thinking? Can desire come to the rescue of fear when it becomes a limitation; can desire become an excess that fear can stop?

On the other hand, desire is necessary; it represents the foundation of inspiration. Desire is motivation, movement, the search for pleasure. Although generally viewed positively, desire hides a dark side; desires—whether real or induced—can shape aspirations, perspectives, and the future of individuals, communities, and contemporary societies.


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  • 2021

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