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Comparisons and reflections on the state of the art of paper and cardboard to connect apparently different worlds and stimulate discussion with a positive look at change in a neutral ground where tradition, know-how, relationships, quality, uniqueness, innovation, sustainability, training and research come together to exchange knowledge and skills on the material for intrepid and original use.


A sector meeting to discuss topics of common interest, exchange ideas, projects, products, information and experiences, to analyze this fragile but resistant, long-lasting but recyclable material, often waste but with potential yet to be discovered. A unique event where everyone can make a difference.

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The innovation process becomes a concrete success only when the entire process is carried out in synergy between the various players in the supply chain, with competence and dedication.

Artists and Designers

Artists, architects, designers, engineers and students are the bearers of ideas who stand out for their ability to conceive, develop and communicate creative and innovative ideas.

Researchers and universities

Researchers, schools, universities and higher education institutions are the incubators that allow the transformation of scientific and technological discoveries into concrete commercial solutions.

Companies and organisations

Companies, institutions, bodies, cultural events and museums are the implementers who take an idea or project into their own hands and carry it forward, transforming it into reality. They act as executors or key players in the process of implementing ideas.

Journalists and Curators

Art critics, journalists, curators, teachers are the storytellers who have an attentive, vigilant, neutral but critical look towards what happens, with the great responsibility of being able in turn to tell the real and the contemporary for everyone.

Are you part of other categories?

Even if you don't recognize yourself in one of these categories but have innovative ideas or are simply just curious to discover the avant-garde of paperart, there is room for you too.

For any clarification do not hesitate to contact us!

Here's who contributed to the Lubica Paper Summit 2023.
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